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STEM Lessons from grades 1 to 8

Virtual Field Trips

Ecology, Evolution, and Cell Biology

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High School Chemistry, Biology, Physics. Basic subscription is free but requires sign up

Virtual Biology lab

Physics simulations

Virtual Chemistry labs

Chemistry virtual labs. Not free

Faith-based curriculum for high school students

Science for all grades

Science curriculum and hands-on activities. For purchase

(No mention of ‘evolution’) K-8 and high school

Questions about Creation, Evolution, and Intelligent Design

Catholic Education Resource Center (CERC)

Salk Mobile Science Lab

San Diego Science Project at UCSD

San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research

Conferences and Workshops

2020 Professional Development Conference- Nov 6-7. Virtual Event. Requires membership

Virtual California Science Education Conference- October 16-18, 2020

ScIC4 "Science Is Cool" Virtual Unconference – October 24, 2020

Fleet Science Center Educator Workshops

Christian Schools International


National Science Teaching Association (NSTA) Engage: Fall20

Stem School – San Diego Science Alliance

Science & Faith Organizations and Christians in Science Groups

Biologos- Theistic Evolution

Intelligent Design

Institute of Creation Research

Recommended Science and Faith Organizations

Reasons to Believe – Where Science and Faith Converge

Stand to Reason – Clear-Thinking Christianity

National Catholic Educational Association

Faith & Science Debates – Intelligent Faith

The Christian Post

Youtube – Richard Dawkins & Daniel Dennett vs. Francis Collins & Benjamin Carson - Evolution Debate

Youtube – The God Delusion Debate - Richard Dawkins vs John Lennox